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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about diamond plate products by Tread-Ware? On this page you'll find the most common questions we get from customers about the diamond plate stuff we make. (If you have questions about who we are or about how ordering works around here, you might check the About Us and Ordering Info pages.)

  1. How thick is your diamond plate aluminum?
    Our diamond plate aluminum is .063" thick (14GA) or .080" thick (12GA), depending on the product.
  2. Can you do custom diamond plate pieces?
    We can do any custom-sized, rectangular diamond plate piece up to 48" wide and 70" long. At this time, we're not accepting orders for any other kind of custom piece.
  3. Do your diamond plate products come with adhesive or mounting hardware?
    No. So what do you use? Liquid nails or screws, depending on the substrate. In some cases, double-sided adhesive tape will do the job.
  4. How do I cut diamond plate from Tread-Ware?
    You'll want to use a miter saw with either a carbide tooth blade or a ripping blade turned backwards.
  5. Do you make corner pieces for your diamond plate baseboard or diamond plate crown molding?
    Not at this time. We're working on it. In the meantime, you can get practice with your miter saw!
  6. Do your diamond plate kick plates and push plates come with holes pre-drilled?
    No. We want you to have flexibility with regard to hardware and hole placement.

At Tread-Ware we strive for excellence in customer satisfaction. If you have a question that is not answered here, or on our Ordering Info page, please email us at