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Transition Strip (4.5”: 2” flat x 2.5” taper, ¾" drop)


Tread-Ware Transition Strips create a smooth and stylish transition between two different floor levels.  

Standard Transition Strips:  

  • 4 ½" wide  
  • 2” flat portion  
  • ¾" drop, tapered over a span of 2 ½"  
  • Made from 0.063" or just over 1/16" thick material  

Transition Strips are available in 48” and 70” lengths. They can easily be cut and drilled with common power tools. Typical installation is with anchor bolts (not included).  

Tread-Ware Transition Strips can be custom ordered wider than 4 ½", and for drops of ½" or 1”. Contact us at