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How do I fasten my trim to the wall?

December 11, 2023

How do I fasten my trim to the wall?

Now that you have your Tread-Ware trim and you are installing it.  You might find yourself do I adhere it to the wall, corner, or floor?  Here is a list of ways we have found that work for us when installing aluminum trim.  If you have a great way that works for you and want to share, please add to the comments or email us at so others can use your method as well.

  1. Construction Adhesive:

    • Use a high-quality construction adhesive designed for bonding metal to various surfaces.
    • Apply the adhesive to the back of the aluminum trim in a zigzag pattern or dots.  
    • Press the trim firmly against the wall and hold it in place until the adhesive sets.
  2. Double-Sided Tape:

    • Choose a strong double-sided tape designed for outdoor or heavy-duty use.
    • Apply the tape to the back of the aluminum trim.
    • Press the trim onto the wall, ensuring good contact. Make sure you test fit the pieces before placing the tape on.  Sometimes double sided tape you have one shot with getting that right.
  3. Screws (or Nails):

    • Pre-drill holes in your aluminum tread-ware to make it easier to get the fastener through the material.
    • Use screws or nails appropriate for both the aluminum and the wall material that it will be going into.
    • Secure the trim to the wall by driving the screws or nails through the pre-drilled holes and into the wall.  Screws work much better at getting the trim material to stay tight against the wall or floor.
  4. Glue (example - Gorilla glue):

    • Apply a line of Glue to the back of the aluminum trim.
    • Press the trim onto the wall and wipe away any excess glue.
    • Some glue will set up quickly and others the trim will need pressure applied for some period of time.

Every situation for the customer is a little unique for their application.  For some it may be a combination of a couple of these solutions.  For example, an application may work best if you have construction adhesive on the back of the trim.  Then you may need to add screws to hold it until the adhesive sets.  Every situation is just a little different.

Send us your thoughts, tips, and tricks so we can share with others.

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