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Tread-WareCustom Diamond Plate Products

Want custom-size pieces of diamond plate aluminum? Tread-Ware can do that. Looking for a completely custom diamond plate product? We might be to do that. Have a look below for more details:

Diamond Plate Sheets & Pieces

Diamond plate sheetsTread-Ware stocks a collection of pre-cut aluminum diamond plate sheets and rectangular pieces that might be just what you need to trim out your vehicle or do whatever with. In our store, you'll find diamond plate sheets and pieces ranging from 2" to 12" wide and from 12" to 72" long. If you're looking for totally custom size diamond plate sheets, including sheets that are 4' wide, we can likely do that, too. Just email us at for a quote.

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Other Custom Diamond Plate Items

Tread-Ware might be able to do a completely custom diamond plate item for you, as long it involves only simple bends, cuts, and welds. (It'll help if you want multiple units.) As you can read in the About Us section of this site, we are a side operation of another manufacturer, so we do have equipment time and overall time limitations. Email us if you still think we can help.


see photosSee photos of totally custom Tread-Ware diamond plate products